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Discover the allergens that may be affecting your dog

Itchy skin, upset stomachs and other uncomfortable conditions are often the result of sensitivities to food and environmental factors your pet comes in contact with. The uncomfortable results of these sensitivities is the #2 reason people take their pets to the vet. Allergy Test My Pet was designed as an affordable and easy-to-use pet sensitivity test to help you discover the factors that may be grossly affecting your pet’s wellness.

Allergy Test

This test was developed from the ground up to measure, with the highest level of accuracy, about 100 of the most common allergens that your pet may be reacting to. We not only test for common foods and environmental factors, you will also learn which popular supplements and even every-day household products may be causing your pet to react.

Get to the bottom of your dog’s well-being

Often times the easiest solution to insensitivities in pets is to use medicated shampoos, expensive dog foods and prescription drugs. While all of these things may be helpful they are only masking the problem and not getting to the cause of it. Click here to order.

Most pet people know the long- term side effects of prescription drugs like steroids and antihistamines. Many also recognize that many pet foods designed for sensitivities of pets, while providing relief from these intolerances, are also devoid of much of the nutritional value necessary to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.

We advocate discovering the cause of your pet’s sensitivities and learning which foods and products are best for your pet—and which to avoid.

Allergy Test My Pet recognizes that all dogs - like people - are different and many of our pets have sensitivities to foods and products that are not common. That is why we provide you with a measure of sensitivity to around 100 possible allergens. These allergens, while not always apparent, are the ones your pet is most likely to come in contact with.


Plus You Get Even More

Providing you with a list of items your pet is sensitive to is just the beginning. We also offer you an easy-to-understand list of foods and supplements to avoid at all costs, we tell you which environmental factors your pet must steer clear of PLUS which ones you may not need to avoid but should be cautious of.

This is all done with our exclusive test which will report the reaction of your pet’s immunities to around 100 items.

PLUS there’s more.

We also provide you with handy instructions to assist you in finding foods and supplements and even household products that show your pet’s immunities show no reaction to. These items are the foods and products that may be safest for your pet to come in contact with.

Your handy printable list can be used to help you make sure you are taking every step to provide your pet with the items found to work best with their unique needs. You can take it to the store and use it to steer you towards the food and treats that may be safest for your pet and avoid from the harmful ones.

The affordable allergy test

We are able to offer you the most complete intolerance and sensitivity test at the lowest cost available. Pet sensitivities are a common affliction in many of today’s pets. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get the most accurate results available from our simple and quick at-home allergy test. We know we can help you and your pet and we look forward to performing your test.

Act today and put your pet on the journey to a more comfortable and healthy life in about 2 weeks.

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  • Your dog’s unique intolerances and sensitivities for around 100 factors.
  • The common household and environmental factors affecting your pet’s wellbeing.
  • Which foods you should avoid—and which may be safe-- in your pet’s diet.
  • Food and environmental allergens to keep an eye on.
  • Plus, much, much more!


  • A custom analysis of around 100 food and environmental items that your pet may have sensitivities to.
  • A list of foods and household products you should avoid including laundry and cleaning products, tobacco and other household items.
  • PLUS so much more!
DAllergy Test My Pet